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March 28 2017


Bill Filed To Repeal Obamacare With Just One Sentence

Obamacare could be totally finished by 2018.

Taxpayers Paid $162.5 Million for Union Work

Federal workers spent 3.5 million hours doing union business on taxpayer dime

Fear Of A Trump Planet

Selective, partisan outrage over Trump is embarrassing.

Human Waste In Coca-Cola Cans Found In Northern Ireland

The incident was contained and no contaminated cans had been distributed for sale

ISIS Money: Islamic State Is Strapped For Cash, Can’t Pay Fighters

ISIS used to bring in $3 million to $5 million per day

$540,701,000,000: U.S. Property Taxes Hit Record in 2016

The prior national record for property taxes was set in fiscal 2009

French Poll: 61 Percent Say Islam Is Incompatible With Their Society

77 percent of Frenchmen want the burkini banned in public

TRUMP BUMP: Consumer Confidence Hits 16-Year High, House Prices Rise

"We think that real consumption will firm moving forward"

Astronomers Launch Public Search for Planet X

Sumerians predicted planet with similar characteristics

Driverless Fraud: Every Mile, Humans Must Intervene

Driverless cars still need humans to ensure safety.

Senate Republicans Consider Nuclear Option to Confirm Gorsuch

Dems forget Obama's apology for filibustering Alito

Gore: Climate Created Brexit

Habitual liar Al Gore now says climate change is responsible for Brexit.

Jeff Sessions To Cut Federal Fundings To Sanctuary Cities

A battle has begun between sanctuary cities and the DOJ.

MSM Fossil, Ted Koppel, Resurrected To Attack Free Speech

Establishment shill gets rolled out to condemn alternative news outlets.

AP Denies London Attack ISIS Affiliated

Terrorist uses a vehicle to run over citizens just like ISIS magazine recommends.

Rebellion Against Lib Establishment

Young Americans are pushing back against SJW culture.

Infowars Predicted COG Deep State Attack On Trump

Globalists could regain control of America if they get rid of Trump.

For Life & Liberty: REPEAL Bureaucracy

ObamaCare must be abolished to allow America to flourish.

German MP: Erdogan a “Terrorism Godfather”

Suggests Turkish expats will be used to pursue violent agenda

Deep State Planning Continuity Of Government

Shadow government wishes to overthrow Trump administration.
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