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May 19 2017


France to ‘Think Less of Itself, More of the EU’s Interests’

European affairs will now prevail in France's foreign policy.

Last Year, Obama Offered to Share U.S. Intelligence With Russia, and the Mainstream Media Was Fine With It

The Post reported that the leak put a source of intelligence on the Islamic State at risk.

Maxine Waters Says Putin Came Up With ‘Crooked Hillary,’ ‘Lock Her Up’

"I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin."

The Deep State’s Political Coup: A Special Prosecutor Means The 2018 Elections Are Life Or Death For The Trump Presidency

If we can pack the House with Trump supporters, we can stop impeachment before it ever gets to the Senate.

Can J-nomics Save South Korea’s Economy?

South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in, has his work cut out for him. Though North Korea’s increasingly provocative behavior will likely continue to dominate headlines, the success of Moon’s presidency will hinge largely upon the success of his economic policies.


Infowars Nightly News LIVE: Roger Ailes Passes, Democrats Dance On His Grave

Tolerant left celebrates the death of media mogul

May 18 2017


Unemployment Claims At Lowest Level In 28 Years

The encouraging news from jobless claims is just one of the bright signs related to jobs.

Telling Pregnant Woman Not To Drink Now ‘Sexist’ As Deemed By ‘Liberal Authority’

Feminists wish to dispel science showing drinking creates terrible birth defects in children.

What Are Macronutrients?

The ultimate goal of any good diet is to fuel your day-to-day activities while keeping yourself properly nourished

Dodd-Frank Has Crippled Our Economic Recovery, This Bill Will Unleash Real Growth Again

Regulations from Dodd-Frank have done enough damage to the U.S. economy.

FBI Has Forensic Evidence That Ties Wikileaks To Seth Rich

The Seth Rich murder investigation gets more and more interesting.

Federal Prosecutor: Comey Obstructed Justice Not Bringing Memo To Congress

Comey has put himself in a serious legal situation.

Trump Needs To Change The Subject To Defeat The Deep State Coup

It's time for Trump to go on the offensive against the globalists.

Black UCLA Students Demand ‘Safe Spaces,’ $40 Million & Free Housing

Group claims UCLA has done "nothing" for minority students in recent years.

Gay Chechens Denied US Visas After Attempting To Flee Horrors Of Government Crackdown

As many as 40 individuals are in hiding to avoid a dangerous crackdown on suspected homosexuals.

Chuck Schumer Praises Comey Memo As It Contradicts Congressional Testimony

Former FBI Director Comey committed perjury in Congressional hearing.

White House tells Congress it will renegotiate NAFTA

Negotiations will begin no earlier than Aug. 16

US forces strike pro-regime militia in Syria

U.S. Central Command set to speak on incident

Judicial Watch: Obama Travel Cost Taxpayers Nearly $100 Million

For the Obamas' family Christmas trip to Honolulu (2016-17), the total flight costs were $2,548,602
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